“If the world is to be healed through human efforts,

I am convinced that it will be by ordinary people. 

People whose love for this Earth

Is even greater than their fear.”

~Joanna Macy


Tree of Dreams, Inc. is a non-profit Wisdom School committed to building a bridge between the most passionate minds of our community and those who are seeking healing, growth and compassionate support.

Tree of Dreams Sanctuary is a multi-faceted community resource

Dedicated to cultivating our individual and collective Wholeness

We provide education, training and individual healing to those who seek a deeper relationship with themselves, the Earth and their path of awakening.

Through our educational offerings and accessible healing services, we strive to be a model for community supported wellness and mentoring the next generation of healers, Earth stewards and holistic educators.

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Tree of Dreams Sanctuary is built upon a foundation of educational programming in the healing arts and practices of Earth conscious living. Our Earth Keeper Wisdom School offers courses and programs that provide a foundation of knowledge, skill, applied theory and practice in the art of healing, compassionate community care, attunement to nature and practices of ecological and regenerative living.

Our community courses support the cultivation of wholeness and inspire personal transformation while building skills for living in alignment with the Earth, spirit and our own well-being.
Journey of the Soul, is a 6 month program in personal empowerment, spiritual awakening, radical transformation and ceremonial plant healing.

Offering Education, Empowerment & Mentorship in...

Plant Based Healing
Herbal medicine, plant spirit healing, nourishment
Earth Conscious Living
Nature connection, attunement, living in alignment, land stewardship
Women's Mysteries
Pregnancy, birth, menstrual cycles, fertility, holistic self care
Movement Arts
Yoga, embodyoga, archery, dance
Personal Growth
Embodied, experiential learning & scaffolded support
Spiritual Awakening
Cultivating a connection to spiritual awareness and personal practice

Awaken to the Path

The Awaken to the Path program is a 10 month apprenticeship in practices of self care, personal growth, spiritual awakening and plant based healing.

Students emerge from this program with an embodied experience of their own return to wholeness and the skills, knowledge and tools to begin sharing that wisdom with others. 

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"Let the Beauty we love,

Be that which we do.


There are a thousand ways

to kneel and kiss the ground."


~ Rumi

Current Courses

Everyday Herbalist
Seasonal Medicine Making
Sacred Moon
Holistic Self Care & Herbal Women's Health
Medicinal Plant Cultivation
Gardening for health & healing

Kristen Avonti

Kristen is a homesteading mama, practical visionary and wise woman herbalist who is passionately committed to cultivating our collective light. She brings to Tree of Dreams her deep healing practice and knowledge of herbal medicine, holistic healing and therapeutic support through her empowering work as a facilitator, instigator and guide. 

Kristen is a graduate of Hampshire College, Womancraft Midwifery and Blazing Star Herbal School, as well as a Motherwoman trained support group facilitator. She is an adjunct Faculty member at UMASS Amherst and guest teaches in local midwifery & herbal education programs.

Founder and Program Director of Tree of Dreams, Kristen blends her rich knowledge with her innate wisdom, spiritual insight and deep healing capacity to craft programs which are deeply life changing and inspiring.